Awning Windows

Looking for a new or replacement awning window installation in Winnipeg?

Awning windows crank open outwards from the bottom. This allows for excellent natural lighting and ample ventilation for your home in Winnipeg. Awning windows feature 3 layers of weatherstripping which seal up tight when closed with the locks on either side. Because the hardware on awning windows is in the middle, their opening is limited.

They can achieve high levels of energy efficiency with triple glazing. Awning windows are great options for windows over the kitchen sink as it provides easy access to open and ventilate a room when cooking. During a rainstorm in Winnipeg, the outward opening of the awning window protects against rain much better than a sliding or casement window, while also allowing your home to let in fresh air.

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PVC Fiberglass Awning Window Home Installation in Winnipeg

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